The Folly Beach Mystery series is set on the small, quirky island of Folly Beach, South Carolina, located in the shadows of historic, and beautiful Charleston. Each book can be ordered from your local bookstore, from any of the on-line bookstores, or by clicking on the cover image which will take you to the order page on amazon.com.



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The twelfth novel in the Folly Beach Mystery series, DEAD CENTER, is now available  from Amazon.com. and can be ordered from your favorite bookseller. 




October 2016: Boneyard Beach was named BEST MYSTERY NOVEL for 2016 at Imaginarium, the Midwest’s largest writers conference.






Boneyard Beach is available as an audiobook. Click on the audiobook cover to be sent to Amazon.com




*  Folly Beach is  small but there have been 29 books either written about, or set on or near the South Carolina barrier island. A listing of these books appears under the heading: Books set on or about Folly Beach at the top of this page.


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* The Folly Beach Mystery series is now a proud sponsor of the FOLLY BEACH BLUEGRASS SOCIETY! The Society performs each week on Folly, and has been strong supporter of the novels since the first book, FOLLY, was published nine years ago.

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* Several readers have asked about the publication order of the books. So, here it is:  FOLLY, THE PIER, WASHOUT, THE EDGE, THE MARSH, GHOSTS, MISSING, FINAL CUT,  FIRST LIGHT, BONEYARD BEACH, SILENT NIGHT, and DEAD CENTER. Thanks for asking.  



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